According to CoinGecko, there are 23 rebasing tokens and none come even close to $AMPL’s market cap.

Do you know why?

Cause like Bitcoin, $AMPL is the pioneer of its own asset class — MultiVariable assets or MVA's if you like.

$AMPL is the first rebasing currency to ever exist. $AMPL is the most successful rebase token implementation. $AMPL is the undisputed king of rebase tokens. Period.

I don’t say these words lightly… I really mean them.

You know, there were many attempts to create a better AMPL yet everyone failed along the way.

Heck, even the Ampleforth team itself…

DeFi is great.

It’s an open and global financial system that gives you control and visibility over your money blah blah blah…

But let’s be real here…

HIgh APYs offered by DeFi platforms pull in capital from across the world to those fertile lands.

Double, triple, quatriple-digit APY even.

These types of returns just aren’t available in TradFi but they’re everywhere in DeFi.

That said, the hunt for the greatest APY is ON.

(We are in it for the tech too)

There is one thing your yield platform doesn’t want you to know… and that’s $AMPL rebase mechanism.

Take a…

Stablecoins have been a staple of the cryptocurrency industry for quite some time now.

However, typical US Dollar backed (collateralized) stablecoin projects take away from the decentralized nature of the cryptocurrency space as they require trust in the issuing party.

As a result, many projects have popped up in recent months to the ultimate algorithmic asset without the need for collateral.

The arms race is heating up. However, the majority of these assets barely last, and most of them fail with their promises and targets breaking within weeks of launching.

Some of them do prevail.

What are the projects that…

Every day since June 2019, traders across the entire globe have been looking at this dashboard during a specific hour;


Well, Ampleforth is something special in the cryptocurrency industry and is considered a one-of-a-kind asset. It is a pioneer of what is known as a Multi-Variable Asset (MVA) class in which both the price and the supply can move freely.

Every day, traders flock to the Ampleforth dashboard in anticipation of the next rebase for $AMPL. …


Just an $AMPL Radical

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